Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar – The Full Countdown

So, the presents are opened, Christmas Dinner is eaten, and all that’s left is to watch the Sound of Music with the family for the umpteenth time. But if that’s all a bit too much, here’s a look back at our Advent Calendar, with every day collected together in one handy blog post:

Thomas White

Thomas White

25. Thomas White, Electric Soft Parade, Restlessli​st, British Sea Power, Milk & Biscuits, Foxes!, Do You Feel What I Feel Deer?, Fragile Creatures, Clowns

24. Willkommen Records, Sons of Noel and Adrian, The Miserable Rich, Laish , Emma Gatrill, Redwood Red, Hamilton Yarns, etc

23. Fujiya & Miyagi, I Am Ampersand, Omega Male

22. Nordic Giants, Cate Ferris, Dizraeli & The Small Gods

21. Shrag

20. Martin Rossiter

19. Fear of Men

18. Us Baby Bear Bones

17. Speak Galactic

16. Woodpecker Wooliams

15. Catherine Ireton

14. Jennifer Left

13. Bat for Lashes

12. Your Explosion My Mind

11. The New Union

10. Sweet Sweet Lies

9. Kovak

8. Abi Wade

7. Heliopause

6. Munich

5. Moulettes

4. Curxes

3. Birdengine

2. Dark Horses

1. The Maccabees

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