Brighton Music Blog Advent Calendar

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
Fala lala laa la la la laaa
Tis the season for bloggers to make end of year lists
Fala lala laa la la la laaa…

But how could we make meaningful lists when one week we’re writing about a band’s debut gig in a room above a pub, and the next we’re putting up something about a major label artist who’s having millions spent on marketing? Is the best gig the one at the nicest venue with the biggest crowd? Is the best single the one with the best production? We’re not so sure. We’re also not sure about how you could make a list of best albums, when that would exclude so many people we’ve written about who have played some great gigs but maybe only released a single or two. So instead, over the course of December in the run up to Christmas, we’ll be posting daily about some of the bands we’ve enjoyed the most this year. Some of them have been nominated for music industry awards and fill stadiums, some you probably haven’t even heard of. But they’re all bands from Brighton who we think deserve your ear.

Pop by on Saturday the first of December to find out who’s behind the first window.

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