Becky Becky vs 184

We don’t have much hip hop on this blog. Perhaps because there isn’t that much hip hop in Brighton. Or perhaps its for the same reason we don’t feature much indie pop or dance music, because so much of it just isn’t to our taste.

But there are exceptions and this is one. A fourfold set of remixes by Brighton boy Peter Mason, lead maestro of electro-pop outfit Becky Becky, whose single The Harder Stuff features the much-loved Woodpecker Wooliams and is a brilliant dose of sexy electro-punk.

Peter Mason is churning out a lot of top quality dance remixes at the moment, having produced an excellent remix of ‘Of course you exist’ for The Pictish Trail earlier this year (available as a free download from Fence Records). He has also produced a great remix of Woodpecker Wooliams ‘Sparrow’ single – out tomorrow, a week ahead of her much anticipated new album (see an earlier post on this blog)t

So, a man much in-demand and on the up. And if you take a listen to these reworkings of tracks from the 184-produced Where’s My Parade? you can hear why. The opening track Superman in particular is a powerful smash, giving full voice to a strong lyrical song.

Check it out on the player and then go over to bandcamp. The EP is available as a name-your-price download. Get this while it’s hot!

words and pictures by Southcoasting

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