Moulettes / The Bear’s Revenge

This week sees the release of Moulettes’ second album The Bear’s Revenge. It’s been nearly two years since their eponymous debut, but it’s worth the wait. The Bear’s Revenge is an album with much wider appeal than than their first, better crafted with a more colourful tapestry of styles.

The album kicks off with last month’s single Sing Unto Me, which sets the tone for much of the record – more of a folk feel than their previous material, but with their trademark harmonies making their mark. One of the big changes is that each track isn’t led by Hannah’s cello playing – on Sing Unto Me (as well as a good number of other tracks) she’s still at the fore, but on guitar duties as well as lead vocals.

It’s not all about Hannah though – Laura Hockenhull takes lead vocal in the beautiful Songbird, and Georgina Leach’s breathtaking violin playing makes Grumpeltiltskin’s Jig a joy to listen to.

The real highs come when the sum of the parts are greater than the whole, on tracks like Songbird, or Uca’s Dance and Unlock The Doors, which are classic Moulettes: close harmonies with fast-paced lyrics, cello, fiddle, bassoon, bass, fingersnaps

No review of Bear’s Revenge is complete without a mention of their star turn bass player. No, not Jim Mortimore (who also plays with The Muel, and picks up a whole range of instuments across the record, including bass) but Ted Dwane, who’s better known as a member of Mumford and Sons. Ted was in the original Moulettes line up many years ago, but left Mumford and Sons started to take up more of his time.

The Bear’s Revenge by Moulettes was released last monday and is in stock at Resident. Chances are Rounder have it too, but they don’t have their stock online. You can also buy it direct from the band by emailing their manager Joe Cushley at ballingthejack1 (at) They’re almost up to a thousand likes on facebook and have said that they’ll give away a free copy to their thousandth fan of their page.

Moulettes are next in the area for Playgroup Festival at the start of August, or Applefest at Middle Farm in October.

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