The Hazey Janes at the Green Door Store

The scottish power-pop band The Hazey Janes came back to Brighton last night for a gig at the Green Door Store.

Support came from the Pure Conjecture, a Brighton supergroup of sorts featuring members of Electric Soft Parade, Brakes, British Sea Power, Tenderfoot and Restlesslist.However this was no rambling indie rock in the usual style of those bands.

When lead man Matt Eaton nervously started what was only the band’s second gig you could be forgiven for thinking that he was a terrible singer fronting a makeshift soul band. By the third song the audience was convinced that not only were this group a completely brilliant funk machine in the style of the Dap Kings but that Matt Eaton was one of the finest soul singers on the planet. As he grew in confidence the sound just got bigger and punchier. This was foot-tapping stuff of the top order.


Matt covered Barry White with some verve, and then broke down the show-stopping I love My Car with a long joke about black boxes and working in tele-sales told over a rumbling beat and which made him completely own the stage, working a treat. 


Pure Conjecture have an album in the can, apparently recorded in four days featuring a full line-up of 14 people including a horn section. On the basis of this gig it should be brilliant. 


Headliners The Hazey Janes had a lot to live up to, following their support.

A big beaty four-piece playing power pop in the style of early 90s American bands such as Velvet Crush, they started in Scotland more than a decade ago but still carry a lot of youthful energy and passion in their music. When they let rip, as they did every other song, the waves of energy were felt around the room. This was garage rock of the highest order. They have a new CD to sell, but if you get the chance to see them live don’t miss it.



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