New Brighton Music

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. We’ve been away, but now we’re back, with a double dose of new music to share. So without any further ado…

Steve Mason / Like a Ripple
Lazybones / Trash Talk
Nancy / Clic Clac (from Clic Clac / 6 Days a Week double A side)
Klara Ketelaars / Summer Rain (from Summer Rain EP)
Yellow Belly / Are You Ready To Be Happy Yet
Oliver Spalding / Bow Creek
Hourglvss / Dead Man’s Hands
Ornament / Darkness Between Us
Max White / I Don’t Need You
Johnny Kills / Help Me Out
Nature TV / She Wants to see you cry
Animal House / Modern Romance (with vocals from Projector’s Lucy Sheehan)
Ellie Levy-Pepper / it’s Called Love
Guru / Don’t Talk (from Don’t Talk / LTD double A side)

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