Cable Club featuring The Delta Bell

the Cable Club is a Brighton institution, putting on low-key small scale gigs for well over a decade. Brighton music blog attended its latest outing at the Prince Albert pub, to see three new acts we’d not seen before.

Callum Taylor

Callum Taylor

First up was young Callum Taylor, playing only his third live gig. He had a warm charismatic voice and lovely guitar-playing to accompany his smart embracing songs. A singer-songwriter, he was still a little rough around the edges but will clean up well for a pop audience,with a bit more attention to his stage presence and setlist. One to watch.


Next was Liza Marie Williams, playing as a five piece tonight for the first time (and the band was named on the night as the Sun Chasers!). This is a young talented band, playing a lighter side of Americana (their closing cover of REM’s The One I Love was both musically apt as well as adept). Liza brought three guitars on stage, which probably showed a bit too much care and attention (and possibly her BIMM origins) but her self-depreciation of the fact was welcome. The band played an excellent set, with some excellent vocals and tight guitar, and the band’s lead song Gravity went down did the new song they wrote earlier this year, whose name eluded me.

The final act of the night was the one we had really come to see, and they did not disappoint. The Delta Bell are fronted by the charming Kate Gerrard and play a home grown style of Americana that seems to come straight out of Nashville (where they should be sitting up and paying heavy attention to this band). However, if you think you don’t like country, you will still like the Delta Bell, with an excellent laid back musical style and Kate’s great vocal style to carry some really smart and hook-laden songs. Their debut single ‘Wasted‘ is out on 7 inch via the local label Random Acts of Vinyl (we gave it a little mention when it was released back in March) and is a gorgeous slice of classic alt-country. I’ll post the video again below, but this was only one of a number of very fine songs in a set that got the audience up and dancing. Apparently an album is on its way, and we very much look forward to that.


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