Bent Cousin – Everybody’s Got One

I’m not the only person who’s noticed that the music press only seems to look backwards these days. The biggest news this year so far has been the return of David Bowie, today twitter is awash with news of a new My Bloody Valentine album, more than twenty years after Loveless nearly bankrupt Creation records, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this week’s number one is the new single by Pulp, who peaked in the mid-nineties. That’s not to say that all of these records won’t be great, but isn’t it all just a bit safe? And isn’t it a bit sad that the bands being pushed today are the same bands being pushed to their parents generation? What happened to rock and roll being about rebellion?

Bent Cousin have also noticed, and have fired off a rather direct missive on their website. It’s a very refreshing viewpoint to see a new band reject the status quo. Bent Cousin are twins, whose claim were born a decade apart only bears scrutiny when you see that they were born either side of midnight at the very end of the eighties.

Bent Cousin

Bent Cousin

Despite their disdain of musical dinosaurs, Bent Cousin aren’t that punk or wilfully obscure. The opening track of their new EP/mini-album bentpaperboy is a simple happy folk song, acoustic guitars with a Lily Allen vocal. Second track Slade reminds me of The Wedding Present, but doesn’t overstay it’s welcome clocking in at barely two minutes. I Quit You reminds me of The Pipettes, with close harmonies and sassy vocals. F.O.R.G.E.T. is frankly brilliant, sounding like a mash up of Orange Juice and Kenickie – hip swaying guitars, a white soul voice indebted to Edwyn Collins backed with female gang chanting. It was around this point on my first listen to the EP that Bent Cousin weren’t quite as scattershot as the first few tracks suggested and might actually be quite good. Glittery Joe made me smile with it’s tale of drunken pranks, fuzzed up guitars and doo wop oohs. The best is saved until last though – on I Think I Like Your Girlfriend More Than You the band take an unexpected Bossa Nova turn, and sad lyrics about a rubbish boyfriend.

I think I like Bent Cousin a lot more than a lot of other bands out there at the moment.

You can order Bent Cousin / Everybody’s Got One from the Team Love web shop. Bent Cousin hold the launch party for their single at Sticky Mike’s on 14th February.

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