David Morris (Red River Dialect) at the Druid Arms

David Morris played a solo set tonight at the Druids Arms in Brighton as one of the regular fortnightly Brighthelmstone Promotions ‘Still the Weekend’ sessions.

Brighthelmstone are well known for putting on some brilliant Americana-focused gigs at places like the Palmeira in Hove or Brighton’s Green Door Store. The Druids slot gives them a small intimate space to introduce some brilliant acts, from talented local musicians to national acts from their ever-increasing roster of players.

David Morris is lead-singer and songwriter with the excellent Red River Dialect, who are one of the finest folk-rock bands to have emerged out of Brighton (via the West Country) or anywhere in recent years. Their album ‘awellupontheway‘ is a masterpiece, one of the best albums of the year. It was a real treat to hear David playing solo versions of some of these great songs, along with some choice cover versions, such as a gorgeous version of Dylan’s ‘Shelter from the Storm’. David has a warm soulful voice, which captures the intricate lyricism of the songs, and he is a fine guitar player. If you get a chance to hear Red River Dialect don’t miss them, but in the meantime we’d highly recommend listening to the album.



Photograph and words by Jon Southcoasting

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