New Single Round Up (featuring Orbital, Amongst The Pigeons, Laish and the Mojo Fins)

There’s lots of new singles by Brighton acts around this week, so rather than making lots of small posts, I thought I’d round them up in one bumper effort

First up is Orbital. Wonky is the title track from their first album since 2005, and comes hot on the heels of the New France EP a couple of weeks ago (which I missed because it came out as a digital download only). The video features Mathew Horne, of Gavin & Stacey fame, and some rather sinister cats:

Also out today is The Inherent Racism of Doves by fellow electronic act Amongst The Pigeons. The single kicks off some lovely acoustic guitar loops before the beats, then the vocals kick in. ATP are joined by Horsham’s Stick In A Pot for this track, one of many collaborations on their upcoming album Get Amongst It:

Next up are Laish, with their new four track Obituaries EP, which can be bought from their Bandcamp Page.  Now expanded to a full band (pulling in various members of Brighton’s Wilkommen Collective as needs be) Laish still make their own brand of folk but now can call on additional vocals, violin, clarinet and accordion. Laish are off on tour throughout April, supporting Sons of Noel & Adrian at The Haunt on 7th at The Haunt, and then playing at the Needlemakers in Lewes on 27th

Finally, The Mojo Fins have put up their forthcoming EP The Spirit onto their soundcloud page. Lead track Sweet Spirit features swirling reverb heavy guitar in 3/4 time, and the kind of uplifting chorus that wouldn’t be out of place on a Fleet Foxes or Elbow track. Take a listen to it, and the more reflective acoustic other tracks here:

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