The Beautiful Word video shoot

Last saturday, I got a sneak preview of the new Beautiful Word video being filmed.

The song, Pop It, was recorded as one of a number demos earlier this year, which the band like so much they’ve decided to put it out for everyone to hear.

The video is being made by award winning local videographer Sam Dore, who’s a friend of the band and has used some of their music in shorts that he’s made. Plans are afoot for an album in the future, and they’re making the video now to “keep the momentum up until then and because they’re fun to make”.

In their own words “The whole point of the video, and how it goes with the song – it’s all about not talking about being unhappy, and then you’ve got everyone in the world not talking about being unhappy, and everyone going ‘I’m OK, how are you?’ to each other, and how ridiculous that is, and how it makes me want to blow my head up, and then with the video we thought it would be really cool if there was these five people on their own in totally desolate deserted places – this place is lovely, but an empty venue is quite a sad place – and each of these people is playing their hearts out on their own but they don’t realise they’re all playing the same song.”

The Beautiful Word’s next live gig is this Friday at The Ranelagh, and the video should be out by the end of February.

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