Chris T-T sings A.A. Milne

If you haven’t already heard about Brighton-based singer songwriter Chris T-T there are two things you should do; firstly – slap yourself, secondly – check out his website Chris T-T has been bringing us songs usually described as “crossing barriers between punk, psych-pop and English folk” since 1999.

This time Chris T-T brought us a show with a difference, playing tracks from his recently digitally released album ‘Disobedience’, a collection of songs he has written that have been taken from the 1920s childrens’ poems written by A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh). The gig took place at the Friends Meeting House in Brighton with families and children present. He played all songs on guitar and a baby grand piano completely unamplified giving the evening a friendly, intimate and unpretentious atmosphere which was easy to enjoy and fitted well with Chris T-T’s folk aesthetics.


The songs were moving in their understated perceptiveness, in particular ‘Halfway Down’ and ‘Binker”, a song about an imaginary friend. There was some outstandingly unselfconscious audience participation for “The Four Friends’ and amusing as well as informative anecdotes throughout.

Having seen Chris T-T play before, wedged in amongst political comedians and comedy acts singing about science, it was interesting to see him in this whimsically innocent setting of his own creation. I’ve wondered before why so few singer songwriters broach the topics that he seems drawn to, and this show made it clear: you’ve got to have a lot of heart to sing about the world in the way that Chris T-T does.

You can download the album here.

Artwork from ‘Disobedience’ by Chris T-T

Words & photo by Ingrid Plum


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