On gigs and things

One of the best things about living in Brighton, and one thing I really can’t ignore on this blog, is the fantastic live music scene. However, one thing I’m not going to try and do is put together a comprehensive list of who’s playing where. I could put in a lot of time and effort, but inevitably I would miss things, and there are other places you could look which already do the same thing – One of the best sites for this is The Source, or if you would rather someone read things out to you, Juice do a round up of the gigs in the evenings too. I will mention the odd gig here and there when they come onto my radar, and there’s some more bloggers joining me soon, who no doubt will be able to talk about some of the bands and gigs that I’ve missed.

Cate Ferris

It is worth mentioning the Source and Juice monthly new music nights though – The next Source New Music night is tomorrow (Thursday 10th November) at the Pavilion Theatre, and is headlined by AK/DK with The Woo!Worths, June Deer and Cate Ferris (the photo above was taken by me and is on the flyer for the event). More details here. The next Juice New Music Showcase is on the 30th November at the Green Door Store and is headlined by Ice Black Birds. More details here.


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