Coming up : Samantha Crain supported by BirdEngine​, GAPS remixed by Foreign Skin

SC.Normally a lot of our posts are looking back – to gigs that we’ve been to, or to music that’s been put up online. Today we’re being a bit more proactive and telling you about two things coming up soon. The first is a gig – Next Tuesday, Melting Vinyl are bringing Samantha Crain to Brighton with BirdEngine in support. Samantha Crain, new label mates to Brighton’s Fujiya & Miyagi having just signed to Full Time Hobby, is touring to support her expansive yet intimate new album Kid Face, and is playing at the Komedia on 28th January. We’ll be there early for to make sure we don’t miss local support BirdEngine, who has promised to include tracks from his upcoming album in his set.

Our other preview is of a remix that’s due to hit soon. GAPS new single I Know It’s You hit the shelves on 9th December last year and a video of a remix by Foreign Skin has been posted, previewing around a minute from the full track which is due very soon. We’ll post up the full thing when we see it but until now here’s a taster of what’s to come:

UPDATE : since writing this post, the full video has been posted to facebook here.

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